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1967 Jaguar MKII and 1959 Jaguar XK150, 1965 McLaren M1B, 1969 Chevrolet Camaro, 1948 Buick Convertible, 1958 Century Runabout Arabian boat

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For Sale 1948 Buick convertible Super

For sale 1948 Buick convertible Super

Original exterior colour: Straw
Interior colour: Red leather (like the Road Master 1949 convertible in the film Rain Man)

Caution: non contractual photo, pending the current restoration of the car to be completed.

The car is currently being reassembled including a complete restoration of the chassis and body (this latter is in epoxy primer).
The mechanics will be modernised with an injection V8 Small bloc Chevy 350ci 350hp coupled with an all aluminium 5-speed Richmond gearbox, 4 disk brakes, front and back suspensions readjusted so as to get a proper driveability, aluminium radiator, power steering, and air conditioning.
The electric windows, electric hood and electric seats are all original and have been entirely restored.
All upholstery has been refurbished.
The planned wheels are entirely chromed 15’x8’ Smoothies, fitted with 255/60R15 tyres.
An all leather interior and a 6-layer alpaca hood are planned.
The body and interior colours are to be determined by the new owner, who will be able to follow the evolution of the restoration work and bring a personal touch to the finalisation of the project.
The car will be sold with a full parts and labour guarantee for one year from the date of delivery.